Let it Go Out – Top Websites for Online Confessions and Real Life Stories

Confessions are something that makes you vent out your mind, psychologist have proved that confessing decreases your stress levels. People confess, that is they tell something that they preferred to keep secret and to themselves only. Traditionally people confess in Churches, Temples and other religious places. People confess their minds, they share secrets and their life stories with family members, friends and sometimes even with strangers. What is happening in this era of digital? Everyone is going online, people are going online to pay their rent, bills or even make donations. This trend is making people go online to confess, yes, people are going online and sharing their confessions, secrets and real-life stories. There is no need of going to church to relieve yourself from the guilt, now you can do it online with just one click and that too anonymously, without disclosing your identity.

In this blog post, I aim to provide you with websites that can help you with online confessions, share your experiences, life stories and get advice on your problems..

Yes I Confess


If you are looking for a website where you can submit a confession or read confessions and real-life stories submitted by other people, yesiconfess.com is amongst the best. Yesiconfess.com popularly known and discussed with hashtag #YIC was launched in the year 2007. #YIC invites you to confess online that too anonymously, without revealing your identity. One can submit a confession or a real-life story without any registration or verifying identity. The site has a simple and elegant design and works well on mobile devices as well, so whenever you have time to read confessions and stories, you can switch to yesiconfess.com and read what other people are confessing.

With new additions each day one can read and submit confessions in the below categories

  • Love
  • Hate
  • Home and Family
  • Religion
  • Animal
  • My life
  • Miscellaneous
  • Adult and Intimate

You can post your comment, rate other comments and choose to get email updates when someone posts a comment. Users can subscribe and get all new confessions by email. The website has a good presence on social media channels Facebook and Twitter. Simply visit yesiconfess.com and start submitting and reading confessions online. URL www.yesiconfess.com

Some Confessions From these Websites –

No Phone Sharing

I really dislike sharing my phone with my sister. in a matter of fact, i don’t like this idea of sharing phones. in the future, i want everyone to have their own phones and use it on their own time. i hope to have this phone im using right now and not share it with my sister. Link

I am Sick of Myself

I am so sick of my life right now. I don’t know how I ended up where I am, the only thing I know for sure is I am where I am because I lived a lazy life. What I really want to do is leave my wife and son and move to LA. Link

I Don’t Use Toilet Papers

It’s been month and I have stopped using toilet papers to clean and swipe my a**. One day toilet papers in my toiler were finished and I used a piece of cloth to wipe my a**. and it was awesome. I felt much better than wiping your ass with tissue paper. I felt much clean and dry. Link

What do people say?

– Hundreds and thousands amongst us are visiting yesiconfess.com to share their guilt, where else I could have confessed that I cry every morning, I am missing my wife who died in a car accident. I was driving the car and I was drunk, drunk more than what I could have…. – Bad Husband

– I go through websites and read confessions daily, it is fun. Yes it is fun but I also see that there are many people who are facing the same problem or have gone through some difficulties as mine, I do not feel alone, all because of these confessions – Ms. Raut

– I feel petty for people who have gone through such a bad life experiences, I am thankful to god for giving me such a better and peaceful life. – Sierra A.

– I have never ever submitted any confession but I love to read what other people are confessing, it is like fun and joyful activity for me. I do that daily. Oops is that a confession too? – Dennis J, NY

Open up your heart and share your experiences with #YIC –Yes I Confess; Relieve your body and soul of the stress you have been facing for days. Thousands of individuals have shared their difficult moments to embrace life with a smile. So, what are you waiting for? confess your life story.


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