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09 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners From Narendra Modi - Ashish Kulkarni

09 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners From Narendra Modi

09 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners From Narendra Modi

Starting a blog seems overwhelming at first, but it is one of the easiest ways to join the online community. But getting popularity is the main challenge faced by every blogger. Everyone wants to know the success mantra to catch the attention of the audience.

For this, let’s analyze the strategy chosen by the person who has made the whole world listen to him. He is none other than our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yes, Our PM has a successful strategy to grab audience attention and interest. Here are the 9 top blogging tips for beginners that you should learn from Modi which helps you succeed as a blogger.

Be Innovative

Being a newbie, this is the key to attracting more visitors to your blog; always come up with something new. It is important that you keep your blogs fresh and interesting to enhance people’s attention. Try new tools in your blogs that could make you look different and engages the visitor.

Look at our PM, who always brings innovative thoughts that grabbed the world’s attention; either positive or negative he made the whole world talk about his works. ‘Narendra Modi app’ is a perfect example for this, with the use of new technologies he finds out creative ways to reach his audience.

Know Your Audience

Know your audience and make use of their interest and feelings for your next move. Define your goals and make use any situation (bad or good), to take a step forward to your target.

Example for this is, the download rate of ‘Narendra Modi app’ is now close to 1 crore. Wondering how he did that? During the time of demonetization, Modi initiated a poll on his app requesting people to vote and rate the app, which was a very brilliant thought.

Your Consistency MATTERS

Your blog is the reflection of your brand. You need to consistently update your blog and engage your audience with relevant content. Being consistent, helps you meet your audience’s expectations and create a genuine reason for them to visit again. Believe me, your consistency will be rewarded with the increased traffic and blog subscribers.

Have you ever seen Modi missed his ‘Man Ki Baat’? Modi is consistent and committed to his responsibilities. Along with this Modi keeps all his Digital Medias up to date. Have you ever imagined how he managed to do this? Just one answer, Dedication.

Be Persistent

How frequently you update your blog? Blogs that are not updated frequently has no scope in the blogger world. You need to frequently post engaging content that is relevant. Also, ensure that you don’t bore your audience with meaningless posts.

Even in the busy schedule, Modi updates his digital medias frequently and always stay connected with his audience.

Multi-Screen Compatibility

Keep changing with the emerging technologies; don’t expect your audience to read your blog just on their desktop only. Have you ever checked your blog in mobile? Does it look appealing and readable? If not, make your blog mobile responsive. Not only mobile, you should make sure that your blog could be accessed from different devices with the same efficiency.

No need to say, being a tech savvy person our PM Narendra Modi always update his websites, blogs, and apps to the latest technologies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Self-Promote

Promoting your own works on different channels seems intimidating to lots of people. These people don’t want to sound like they are bragging or look like a spam.  If you want to succeed in the highly competitive blogging field, you need to take this thought out of your head.

Our PM has made himself available on multiple channels like Website, Mobile App, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Instagram etc. He also ensures that he is active on all these channels by creating a strong follower base, sharing his views and communicating with them.

It’s all a part of the marketing process, and bloggers must learn how to actively use all channels to promote their blogs.

Tone of Voice

This one is very important; always modulate your tone of voice per the topic and audience. Just imagine how your academic textbooks made you fall asleep. For your blogs, try using a passive voice and conversational tone rather writing your content like a research paper.

Have you ever listened to Modi’s speeches? He has a very calculated Tone of Voice. He sounds calm and composed during Man Ki Baat sessions while becomes aggressive and inspiring when addressing rallies, then he turns witty and thoughtful in parliament speeches.

Whatever you write, keep your audience in mind and use a tone that you believes will engage them.

Be Inviting

How to know whether the readers enjoy your article or not? It’s essential that you make sure your blog allows two-way conversation. Give your readers an opportunity to express their feedback. Ask your audience to leave comments or invite some guest bloggers. Read other blogs, if possible appreciate their work and let them notice you, or who knows? They might support you back.

This was one of the best parts of Modi’s marketing strategy. He always invites people to take some action. He individually invites popular identities to join and support him. We have seen him inviting Actors, Politicians, and Sports persons to accept his simple challenges and by that, he is actually catching the attention of their audience.

Brilliant Execution

Finally, a successful blog needs a long term run.  Having innovative ideas is a good thing but the success lies in how you put it before the audience. Be creative in this, put a little thought and give a reason for the audience to stay connected to you for a long term.

Coming to our PM Narendra Modi, the popularity and supporters he has made so far shows how brilliantly he executes his plans and makes them follow him.  One example for this is the execution of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.  Modi invited India’s popular identities to take up the challenge and the most astonishing fact is that they all accepted the challenge.

You may have read many blogging tips for beginners that have written by experienced bloggers. But these are some valuable tips to steal from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s marketing strategy, which itself has shown an unmatched result.

No matter why and when you started your blog, some key considerations to your blog and your attitude can change things better. What are your observations and tips that you would like to share with other bloggers? Please leave your comments.

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  1. Himanshu 5 years ago

    Very well written. Loved reading it Ashish.

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