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New Year “Social Media” Resolutions, 2015 |Internet Marketing Blog

New Year “Social Media” Resolutions, 2015

New Year unfolds a new ‘you’ and the brand ‘you’ that gets reflected on the social media platforms. You make, share with friends your New Year resolutions that you promise to self to not to break. Social media unfolds lot of your plans. Social media presence and appearance could speak about you and your personality. Sharing New Year Social Media resolutions with you with a hope that it will help in making most out of social media networks in year 2015.

Own Website or Blog

Start with a presence on digital space and URL that I can call my own. Have a .com or a .net domain (even .rockstar is available now) and start your own website, power it with WordPress and start posting about area of your expertise. Start to build your online presence with your website or a blog on blogspot.com or wordpress.com

Spend More (Productive) Time on LinkedIn

It’s great that Facebook and Twitter is something that you swear by. But, LinkedIn is special and challenging. Here you are at your best; your polished and professional self. For those who can use it as a best tool to connect it is the most powerful social media network. Always use this professional network to your fullest advantage. Furnish your profile, connect with real people, join and participate in groups, it shall help your for sure.

Unfriend and Clean Facebook friend List

This might be tough to follow but, you still got to do this. Facebook has made it easy for each of us to hide people, while it’s not the same with Twitter. Facebook works tremendously well to track down your activities. So each time your News Feed is seen to be shuffled, it is based on your activity and who you interact with. Cut out the people whom you hardly interact with and don’t matter. Keep the friends you actually wish to. It is time to unfriend people who are not your friends.

Follow, Unfollow and Mute

In 2014 this 140 character social media wonder, gave us the ability to mute users, which gives the freedom to make the follow backs and courtesy follows you wish to have. This way you are saved from scrolling down the unwanted tweets that waste your time and steal your attention. Follow real people, relevant people. Unfollow bots, accounts who only shares links.

Mobile Apps; Try Them, Delete Them

This resolution goes out to all app freak folks who are always tapped on Twitter or any other social media app. unless you are required to always be in touch with people for work or personal reasons, fade yourself off from these apps.

There is also a resolution for people with an opposite problem. Those who always wish to be socially connected should make some space spare for these apps. This constant presence on social media network may keep you encouraged to post something interesting on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Try interesting and new apps. Check this list of must have apps on your mobile.

Bed is to Sleep, Desk is to Work

Do not work in your bed and do not sleep on your desk. It’s so tempting to check your notifications once you are in bed, prepared to go into a deep sleep or just before you pop out of the bed, early in the morning. But, this can be an extremely harmful habit, to start or end the day with Internet full of chaos. And if you check stuff before you go to bed, you are set to disturb a goodnight sleep. Is Twitter feed is worth messing your health and sound sleep?

What are your social media resolutions? Share with us in comments below.

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  1. rashmi malapur 8 years ago

    Quite an useful article….great.

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