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Snovio Review – An Alternative to hunter.io For Finding The Right Emails & Lead Sourcing - Ashish Kulkarni

Snovio Review – An Alternative to hunter.io For Finding The Right Emails & Lead Sourcing

About Snovio

As a digital marketer, many of my clients ask me questions about lead generation. How do we generate leads so that we can find new customers? There are many ways in which you can generate leads. If you are not sure what lead generation is, I recommend you to check this link first – lead generation.

For some of you, generating leads then nurturing and converting them into customers could be how you earn your bread and butter. What if there is a tool that simplifies lead generation for you? You can identify leads while browsing through websites, this was quite interesting for me and I decided to explore.

I came across such a tool, Snovio. I was really happy when I saw all the features of Snovio have bundled together.

About Snovio

About Snovio

What is Snovio?

Snovio is a tool that helps you in lead generation, consider it as your email finder tool. This tool is useful for many types of professionals. It designed to make lead generation easier for its users. If you are a recruiter you can extend your sourcing resources and Sales managers can do better prospecting for sales by finding more emails.

One can find and research bloggers and journalists for their PR outreach campaign, website owners for content marketing with the ability to contact them within the platform by sending emails. So you not only find and generate leads you can also start communicating with them from within the platform. Imagine how much hassle is saved for a small business owner who stores leads in one system and uses another to send emails.

When I decided to review this product, I signed up and started using it. One thing you will observe and noticeably appreciate is that it not only provides just the email IDs but also other structured information which enhances your data, you can also target specific positions within companies.

Their website quotes as “The perfect solution for Sales, Recruiters, SEO people and anyone who needs email outreach or outbound research. Cut down the time it takes to find and collect leads or candidates.Find people you need!

The Snovio Team

Snovio’s team members have a versatile background with a lot of expertise in data and particularly the email field. Snovio started in the year 2017 and Snovio made 1000 users in just a few weeks after it went live. Snovio team claims – “We are confident in what we are doing and seek to constantly move in the right direction”. I browsed a page on their website that provides information about the team.

Sign Up Process

Snovio’s sign up process is very simple, you have to provide your name and email then it’s done. When you submit the form you will get a confirmation email with a link. When you click the confirmation link it directly logs into your account. The getting started page is filled with all the useful videos that you could wish for.

Getting Started with Snovio

Getting Started with Snovio

What are the Features of Snovio?

Chrome extension integrations

Extensions are available for you to generate leads while you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Their website extension is capable of sniffing through website pages for email IDs as you browse.


Domain Search

Bulk Domain Search

Company Profile Search

Prospect Profile Search

Emails From Names

Technology checker

This is a new tool that was introduced by Snovio. You will have to select a technology and based on that it searches for all websites which are utilizing that technology. For example, when I searched for ‘WordPress’ it provided me list of all websites which are powered by WordPress and using industry, employee strength, language and country filters I could narrow down websites using WordPress belonging to the fitness industry in the United States. Further, it can search for emails and store them on your list.

Snovio Offering

Snovio Offering

Other Useful Features

  • Email sending
  • Email Verification
  • API methods
  • Cryptocurrency payment
  • Integration with Google sheets
  • Snovio Marketplace

Is Snovio Better than Similar Service Providers?

If you are in sales you must be browsing and surfing through websites to find if you could get leads and reach out to them. Surfing websites and searching for emails is made easy with the website plugin. What you have to do is visit a website, open Snovio’s plugin and so you can see email addresses along with extra information like names or positions if that is also available.

When I compared pricing of Snovio with similar service providers I found that Snovio is the cheapest among them. When I signed up I received 100 credits free trial and you can start with their $19 package for 1000 prospects. You can save additional 15% if you buy a plan with SNOV tokens which is their internal cryptocurrency.

This tool is not only going to help you in finding contacts but also in sending messages to the prospects. I gave an example of a small business owner at the beginning of this article but this is true for businesses of all sizes and individuals.

Hunter.io and FindThat.Email are a few Snovio’s competitors however Snovio claims that it is only Snovio who has found a way to solve the most intricate prospects search tasks with its marketplace tool. Also, Snovio Contributor App provides a database with only the freshest valuable contacts. Snovio also notifies a client when a prospect’s info is updated. So if you are already using hunter.io or any other similar service provider you can consider this a hunter.io alternative.


You can start a free trial that provides you with 100 credits, gradually as your usage increases you can move and purchase a monthly plan at $139 that gives you 50,000 credits. Check this pricing page if you want to understand their all plans and related information.

Snovio has a nice and impressive list of clients mentioned on their website. Snovio is used by Uber, Oracle, SoundCloud, Lego, NYU, and Lenovo; to name a few.

Do you use email lookup tool to find emails? Are you using any email hunter to find emails? If yes, please share your experience and details about tool that you are using. With 100 free credits, you can give Snovio a chance.

Update(June 2018): Snovio released a chrome extension which serves as an email verifier which verifies emails immediately in bulk, whilst you browse websites.


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