Why You MUST Migrate from WordPress.com to WordPress.Org

What is the easiest way to start your blog? Answer is WordPress.com; Users create their blog on WordPress.com later to realize that it has many restrictions which are affecting their growth or they may not be able to make most out of their blog as their blog starts growing and getting popular. If you want to make most from your blog, you need to migrate it from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. Here are 8 reasons why I vouch to do so.

Creating Your Digital Brand

WordPress.org means self-hosted WordPress powered website, that is you host your WordPress website on your own domain name. This domain name is your brand identity on digital space. It is but obvious that having www.myname.com instead of myname87.wordpress.com will help you in building your brand in this crowded digital space. When you host your website you also get a me@myname.com email ID, this sounds more professional than a me34@hotmail.com email ID.

You can host your domain name with WordPress for $13 per year. But you must note that this will still be hosted on WordPress.com servers. You are not given any email service though. If you insist on an email id for the domain you purchased, then you have to buy it from email service providers by paying extra.

Wide Range of Themes

WordPress.com provides limited choices of themes for you. Some of them being premium are charged at starting price of $50. For a self-hosted WordPress.org website there are literally thousands of themes available for free to choose from. You can browse through themes available for free using WordPress theme repository OR even purchase and opt for premium themes available with different WordPress theme providers.


Plugins add value to WordPress powered website as they allow you to add required functionality to website. In WordPress.org’s plugin repository there are more than 30,000 plugins available for download. Awesome isn’t it? To add some to this repository there are premium paid WordPress plugins available too, which can be purchased from their respective provider. With plugins you can turn your WordPress website in to an eCommerce store, you can build an email list, allow users to submit their post through front end without registering or create a fully functional social networking website. You can do just about anything using these plugins. If you wish to have some unique feature to your WordPress site, there are chances that someone has already tried creating a plugin for it and done it successfully.

Advertisements on Your Blog

WordPress.com displays advertisements on blogs to generate revenue which can help them in sustaining and fuel their growth. In this case you have no control on what advertisements are displayed on your blog. By upgrading your account you can switch these advertisements off, however it will cost you money. You are not allowed to use third party ad services like Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, and Chitika etc. to earn some online money. You can use some affiliate links however there are restrictions on usage of affiliate links on WordPress.com

There is freedom when you have a self hosted site. These are the benefits of a self hosted WordPress site as you can:

  • You get to decide if you wish to run ads or not
  • You can choose and display advertisements of your choice
  • Use affiliate links of your choice
  • Use any advertisement program or network of your choice
  • Manage ads displayed using  available advertising plugins
  • You are the only one who is making money from these advertisements

Monetize through eCommerce

It is easy to setup an eCommerce store using WordPress if you own a WordPress powered website. You cannot start an eCommerce Store on your WordPress.com site. This would be possible only by upgrading your blog to WordPress.com Business plan. This will cost you $299 per year; still you will have limited options like Shopify and Ecwid.

WordPress.org gives you the advantage of developing a complete eCommerce site using plugins like WooCommerce and Market Store. This facilitates selling goods on your website which can further grow your business.


When you opt for self-hosted WordPress powered website you can customize the code according to your preferences. Making changes to PHP files that build your theme is possible. Plugins can be altered too. You can create a plugin exclusively for your website. WordPress core files can be modified (though I don’t recommend doing it). WordPress.com doesn’t allow full freedom to customise PHP file or custom CSS. PHP files cannot be modified at all making custom code of your requirement.

Scaling Up or Down

If you are on WordPress.com you have limited ability to move your blog as everything is hosted on WordPress servers. You cannot change your hosting service providers based on your requirements. With Managed WordPress Hosting solutions now in market a Self-hosted WordPress.org website brings to you options to scale down, scale up or move to all different web hosting service provider in much easier way.

There are different shared hosting plans available at a cheaper price for beginners while for pro users virtual private servers, dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting options are available. This brings flexibility as you have full control over hosting.

You can move your WordPress.org website from one host to another, scale it upwards as your traffic increases. This flexibility cannot be enjoyed with a WordPress.com website.

Building Digital Real Estate

When you build a website with a domain name, it gets easy to sell your web property if you choose to, in future. You can sell your WordPress.com blog to another user by transferring ownership. But, if you have a blog on a free sub-domain, this kind of transferring or selling site to another user is tough and of little value as compared to self-hosted website powered with WordPress.

If you are dedicating time to your website or blog and taking efforts to build and grow it, you must have a self hosted WordPress site.

Above reasons will give you a fair amount of idea and should convince you to migrate your WordPress.com website to WordPress.org self-hosted WordPress powered website. If you have any queries, do leave a comment and don’t forget to share these benefit with co-bloggers and friends.



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