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Must Try - 8 Tasty Maggi Alternatives - Ashish Kulkarni

Must Try – 8 Tasty Maggi Alternatives

Ok, so Maggi has been banned after the authorities found high levels of MSG and Lead in their samples though they have mentioned otherwise. So many of us are used to preparing a packet every now and then- when you don’t want to cook this evening, or when your children want a change of menu, or when you just have to cook for yourself to help you survive the night, or just as a late night gossip snack! Wondering which alternatives you could have in order to feel the same satisfaction of eating noodles again? For those who believe that only noodles can pull them through here are the alternatives which have been in the market for quite a while already:

Tasty Maggi Alternatives

Top Ramen Noodles

These packets are available in a variety like Scoopies short noodles, Oat Noodles, Super Noodles, Cup Noodles and Curry Veg., and Atta Noodles. They also have quite a range of flavours available.

Yippee Noodles

These Sunfeast brand noodles claim to be long and non-sticky and are also available in three flavours. They are quite popular with the children.

Chings Instant noodles

They have Hakka noodles in various flavours and all you need to do is add the vegetables. Though they are on the spicier side, they are famous in their Schezwan, Manchurian and Hot Garlic varieties.

Wai Wai

This brand of noodles is already well-known in the North-Eastern states. They have a range of white and brown noodles to choose from- Wai Wai Quick, Wai Wai Xpress and Wai Wai Xpress Masala Delight. The best thing is that the noodles can be had raw as you would have bhujia too, they taste nice.

Macaroni and Cheese or other Pasta options

Pasta is a whole wheat variety of noodles that has been popular in the West. It originated in Paris and popularised in America as a quick snack. You get ready to eat packets and is really easy to prepare at home if you have pasta, cream and cheese available. Else you also get Sunfeast Pasta Treat that offers you such a ready to eat serving of pasta in minutes.

There are some healthier, accessible options that could possibly help you miss your favourite Maggi a little lesser each time like durum wheat Sevai, or Instat Bhel or Chinese Bhel etc. Now the point of consideration is whether you would like to have healthier options on your plate that may not taste the same as Maggi but will satisfy your hunger tastefully or would you prefer noodles for noodles…. For more healthier snacking there are enough options which take a little more than 2 minutes through preparation and some require chopping, cleaning, peeling etc. But if you have the prep work ready, you’re good to go with the cooking.

Eggs to order

As per your taste you can have stuffed omelettes, scrambled eggs or just the classic sunny-side-up and this won’t take long to prepare either. If omelette is your pick, you just need the onions, chillies and fresh herbs and cheese to be chopped and grated before-hand. Vegetarians can also make the same out of besan or chickpea flour batter.

Nachos and Salsa or Tacos

Going the Mexican way is preferred if you have a ready to eat salsa sauce in the fridge and a packet of corn Nachos (roasted or fried). You can substitute Tacos with leftover rotis, crisped on the girdle with some baked beans for taste coupled with salsa sauce.

Chinese Bhel or Instant Bhel

The quick-fix is getting some readymade schezwan sauce, frying up some Hakka noodles and chopping up some cabbage and mixing it all together to get that restaurant take-away style Chinese Bhel! And Instant Bhel is the classic mix of onions, raw mango, tomatoes (optional), fried snacks (farsan) and sev-papdi with some tangy and sweet, sour and spicy chutney.

That’s some of what you could have as a quick substitute for your beloved-though-banned Maggi…… it’s time to grab a quick bite now! Feel free to share this article with your friends.


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