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Answered - How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation? - Ashish Kulkarni

Answered – How to Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

LinkedIn brings leads and generates business. If this is an axiom then you need to question; ‘Do I optimise my LinkedIn presence?’ Approaching your LinkedIn profile differently changes the way prospective client view you and approach you too.

I share with you some smart ways to get more leads using LinkedIn, Linkedin for lead generation.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence

Never let your LinkedIn profile look like a resume. if you are doing this then you are missing on attracting leads. People who visit your account are least interested in what you’ve done in past, they are more bothered about how you can help them grow their business, today. To get leads from your target audience, decipher what adds value to their business. Add those vital points and stats to your profile, so that when they visit it they say, ‘This person is the one I am looking out for, and he can do wonders for me and my business.’ (Ok, that’s too much). This is not your personal achievement bandwagon; it is a place to market your skills and strong points. It is the most effective marketing tool today to ensure your prospects that you have solutions that they need.

Target Your Prospects

Most of LinkedIn users have lot of connections that can never generate business for them. They focus on quantity rather than quality. These are the people you want to avoid. Target the decision makers who can bring business to you. Identify your primary and secondary prospects. Create content that makes an impact on them.

Impactful Content

A lot of information is available on LinkedIn but, most of it unfortunately goes unnoticed. People look at Pulse as just another place to share their blog posts or articles. Stop doing this because you aren’t getting noticed as it’s too much of crowd there. Why not start creating content that is impactful and can position you as a thought leader in your domain?

While you are planning your next post, think how influences share their post, and what subject they choose to right on. They opt to share posts that voice their opinion, highlight trends and predictions about the industry. They give real life examples to make it interesting. You can do the same. When you choose correct topic half of your work is done. Try to make a radical thought statement, challenge the status-quo and norms. Let the industry big wigs think twice about the way they are looking at things. Revolutionary and rebellious thinking pulls attention. It directs clicks to your blog too. Content should generate leads; ask if your content serves this purpose. Does it inspire your prospect to reach to you? Do they feel compelled to get in touch with you?

Engage and Create Communities

Do you have a community in LinkedIn, a LinkedIn group? Have a sustainable plan in place to be the best LinkedIn community. Differentiate your community from other communities that are in the same niche as yours. Think how you are going to communicate the value addition you bring to prospect. Decide on the content that you will share within the community; something that would interest the members and keep them engaged. Entice your audience by instigating a conversation, where more and more prospects feel the urge to contribute and stay active in the community for a long time.

B2B (Business to Business) buyers typically look for pointers on their business issues. They are looking for expert advice. Build a community that gives them a chance to engage in discussions and get access to expert advice, so that they keep coming back to you for more.

Build Relationships and Nurture Them

Some people are looking for immediate solutions, and when they find that you have a solution that can be of help, they immediately take action. But, not all prospects are same, some take time. Don’t push product information to people instead share relevant content that presents solutions. Build long term relations; keep engaging through case studies, research papers, webcasts, etc. You would like to let a prospect know that you can come up with a solution and let prospect talk to you for available options.

LinkedIn is a Content Marketing Platform

Information is the vehicle of growth. LinkedIn is not a mere social networking website where you can create a profile and connect with people of your choice. You can use LinkedIn as a platform for content marketing. Share webinars, white papers and your work, let decision makers get attracted to your solid content.

Cross promote your content and take efforts so that it creates interest among your prospects. But, further to creating an interest you need to develop and nurture relationships on and off LinkedIn. Have a plan to give a cohesive experience to your audience.

To summarize I would say, promote what value you can add to a prospect instead of just sharing your accomplishments. Tell the prospect how you can provide solutions. Show how you can contribute to the success of their business. Establish yourself as an influencer and not an advertiser of your products; encourage people to participate in your discussion groups. Let your community be a platform to share relevant and up to date content regularly and network with peers. Give it a thought, is your LinkedIn profile is built to generate leads?

How are you using LinkedIn to generate valid leads? Do you have something to share here?



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