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How To Unsubscribe Email Subscriptions In Bulk? - Ashish Kulkarni

How To Unsubscribe Email Subscriptions In Bulk?

Unwanted emails, newsletters, email alerts irritates you when you go your inbox to check emails. At times you subscribe to newsletters that have free discounts and offers attached as an incentive for subscription. When they start sending junk it becomes a really daunting task to hunt for important emails that needs an attention. Are you experiencing the same challenge?

Many a times users subscribe to some newsletters, they further share your email id with others and these emails keep bumping in your inbox. I haven’t been able to crack a method to get rid of these spam newsletter emails. But, I have this amazing quick way to list all these unwanted newsletters you have subscribed to and then all at once unsubscribing them.

Unroll.me is a unique web service that connects with your Gmail account; it shows the list of newsletters that you have subscribed to. If you have some interesting ones like the one which gives you updates on social media networks then you can keep by using the Rollup option. Just the opposite of Unroll. I found this a useful feature of this amazing web service. This feature consolidates all the emails and puts them in one single mail for you.

Unsubscribe Email Subscriptions – The Process

The process is quite simple. Go to Unroll.me and enter your email address. You then have to authenticate and grant Unroll.me access to your Gmail account. The very next minute it will scan your inbox. Then click on the continue button to go to the next step. The web service then puts you to the list of subscribed newsletters.

Choose the unsubscribe option that is in front of these newsletters or rollup for the ones you need to keep. Just at the click of the button you get rid of unwanted newsletter mails.  Believe me this effort is all worth it. Don’t fall into the temptation of blindly unsubscribing to all of them, carefully watch and choose the ones you hate to read; keep the ones that are necessary.

I had 139 emails subscriptions and took me less than 10 minutes to sanitize my subscription list.

If your email inbox is flooded with emails,Unroll.me is indeed a great option.


An email from unroll.me


Unsubscribe emails using unroll.me

Click on continue


Choose subscription to unsubscribe

Choose subscription to unsubscribe


A quick tip

Open any Email newsletter in your Gmail inbox and click on the dropdown box in front of received field. You will observe an option called unsubscribe, which lets you unsubscribe to that particular email newsletter service. Isn’t that drop dead easy. Way to go then. Also share this with friends who are stressed with loaded inbox.


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