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How to Earn Real Money from Your Blog or Website - Digital Marketing Blog

How to Earn Real Money from Your Blog or Website

How to Earn Real Money from Your Blog or Website

Who do not want to earn money online with blogging? Blogging is a tedious activity, along with the engaging content you also need to be aware of activities that will bring more visitors to your blog and you have to implement these tactics which will bring more traffic to your website. Blogging has to be accompanied with stable income.

I started my blog in somewhere around 2006; it was a blog on entertain and politics that I kept updating and sharing with my friends, especially for those who were avid Marathi readers. But, I started my commercial blog in 2009.

I had known that making money through the blog was possible. But, I never looked at it in the long run as being an income generating source. I never thought about how to make it profitable.  I was pretty happy that I could make my blog profitable due to my experience just in a year.

Here I put in my experience of making a blog profitable. I give you some pointers so that you can do the same.

Affiliate Marketing

You will be surprised to know that many online shopping websites offer affiliate program to websites owners they pay commission to generate sales for them.

Affiliate marketing is about getting a percentage of the overall sales price. Never underestimate the potential of having these affiliated links on your content.

When you write reviews for these shopping websites you can earn a lot from them. You must add a disclaimer to your blog that tells the readers that link that they click on are affiliate links.

Most of the visitors will be happy to do it as they know it supports your blog.

Start Selling Products

Bloggers get trust from their readers. This makes your blog a perfect platform to launch products. Your blog can generate lot of money by selling products directly to the readers.

These products should be related to your blog topic. You can sell website courses, t-shirts, books, membership website, accessories etc.  You can go on other websites of your niche and see what they are selling.

Offer Services

Blogs are great medium to market services. You can do freelancing and consultation work through it. People earn a lot through online coaching through their blogs.

You have some experience about a field of work; you can market your experience online. There are people who will pay for these services that you offer.

This will supplement your income and raise your credibility. Through my website, I get many leads generated, people who want to create a website and wants Analytics implementation get in touch with me. This is also call as lead generation.

Banner Advertising

Most people know that you can earn money through your blog by having banner ads on it. But, banners are displayed for many reasons. A blogger might be promoting his products through banners.  Or they might be promoting a product or service of an advertiser.

Some bloggers sell text links but, lately its percent has decreased due to Google’s policy on selling links.  If there is an ad-space for advertising, you can sell it directly to advertisers.

Bloggers charge advertisers a fixed fee or charge per thousand impressions. All this brings stable income. If you sell through advertising market, place like Buy Sell Ads then they will keep a percentage of your income. Buy Sell Ads will keep a commission of ~25%.

To save on this try selling ads yourself instead of choosing a market place. You can use WordPress plugins that will allow and help you to sell ads directly.

Charging for Your Best Content

E books or offering membership is not the only way to earn profit. The other way is to charge readers to get access to your premium content or articles.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent marketing tool for bloggers. It is a tool by which you can connect with the audience almost immediately. So, it is a more powerful tool than social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Start building your email list.

Why wait until your blog gets popular.  Collect emails from the first day itself. This will lead you to marketing all the products, services and the money making methods that I have shared with you before.

Email marketing separates people who blog as a hobby and those who blog professionally. When you build a list of a few thousand subscribers, you are half way through owning a super successful blog.

Reviews Products / Services

Advertisers are looking for platforms to sell their products and services. A popular way to push sales is to pay a popular and suitable blog to write a review. A sponsored review is when a review is written for a fee. A paid post is a post when an advertiser writes an article and wants you to publish on your blog for a fee.

It is good to do sponsored reviews to ensuring the quality of the content. Paid posts are an easy way to earn money as what you have to do is to use product and write an article based on your experience with that particular product.

When your blog becomes famous, advertisers will approach you for paid posts and sponsored reviews. Test them with your audience. But, when you choose either method don’t forget to put a disclaimer that it is a paid post.

Job Board / Advertisements

Once a lot of traffic is drawn to your blog or website, more options will open up for you. One of the option is to launch a job advertisement section or a classifieds section.

It is comparatively easier to set them up and allow people to advertise, buy and sell things. Once you create a marketplace, you can charge for these advertisements posted on your blog.

Advertising Network Like Google AdSense

There is an alternate for selling advertisements directly; it is by displaying advertisements from an ad network. Google AdSense is the most popular option; there are others like Chitika.

Advertising networks pay a blogger on pay per click or pay per thousand impressions model. Income that gets generated through this manner will vary month to month. The key is to sell through all avenues of advertising but, the most recommended is the advertising network.

Your Blog Can Be Sold

If things change and you need more money you can sell your blog.  When a potential buyer wants to buy your blog, there are many factors to be considered.

The biggest selling point of the blog is the income.

When your blog is making money, you will have buyers competing with each other to win the auction for your blog. But, if your blog doesn’t earn much money, it will happen that you will spend a lot of time asking people to bid for it. So, sell your blog once it becomes a hit and profitable.

Final thoughts

I hope your enjoyed this articles that discusses some of the methods of monetizing your blog. I wish that these suggestions will help you monetize your blog and make a handsome earning through it. I have discussed some of the widely-used techniques and methods to monetize your blog. There are surely other methods too.

Keep reading and be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you do not miss any of our forthcoming articles.


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