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Building Your YouTube Channel in the Right Way | Ashish Kulkarni

Making most of YouTube – Building Your Own YouTube Channel in the Right Way

YouTube is a humongous success and it became the second largest search engine in 2014. You will be awed that 6 billion hours of video is being viewed every month and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. So it is a medium that you surely cannot ignore. It is proved that videos are a hugely accepted medium for infotainment on the web. As a result of video marketing drive the engagement, and sales lead is high.

Hosting videos on your website is a great idea but, if you put your video on YouTube, it is the most effective media to get your content noticed. Creating a YouTube channel is essential to put all your content in one place so that people can browse and engage with your videos. Having a YouTube channel will attract a lot of viewers towards you and your business. It is like a micro-website; a website within a website. So the rules that apply for your website to attract and retain audience attention are true for YouTube too.

Let us see how to optimize videos on YouTube and increase your visibility on Google search as well.

Video SEO

This is something important that I must tell you before you start using YouTube. YouTube is like a search engine similar to Google, so the content that you create and upload should be easy to discover. People make millions of queries on YouTube and it is important that your video shall reach to people searching for information that your video could provide. If videos are well optimized they will appear in Google search engine as well. When you start to appear in both Google and YouTube for search queries it means that your well optimized content is likely to feature and found easily increasing your reach.

Optimizing Videos for SEO on YouTube

  • Before you start to optimize your videos for search conduct a thorough keyword analysis. Google’s keyword planner tool can be used for video SEO as well. The process is the same.
  • Video title: Add keywords to your video title. When you put a video title let it be with keywords. The benefit is that it will help users understand what the video is all about. Also, it helps YouTube algorithms to rank it high in the search based on keyword relevancy.
  • Video description: When you write video description be sure that you use keywords throughout. But don’t stuff keywords. Use keywords at least 2 times in the first 25 words.
  • Use words and phrases those describe and explain your video precisely. Make sure that keywords that you are using have a good search volume; they should be popular on Google search. Try to words include keywords like ‘how to’, ‘what is’, ‘setting up’, etc. They tend to do well on Google search and are popular.
  • Do not forgot to rename video and put necessary keywords in file name before you start to upload your video.

Doing these things right will take care of your basic SEO requirements. Though there are base minimum requirements that you are taking care of this will set you on the right path.

YouTube Channel Structure

YouTube is a receptive platform as anyone can put a do it yourself video and start uploading videos and make a marketing campaign out of it. You can host all your videos in your channel. But, people fail to maximize YouTube for business as they don’t give a structure to their channel. Having a properly structured YouTube channel will increase user engagement and retention increasing your brand recall value and generating leads as well.

Do’s and Don’ts of Structuring your YouTube Channel:

  • You as a content creator must be creating many videos. However you want your visitors to find the best content that too easily when they visit your channel or are searching for videos on YouTube. True? So don’t put every other video that you create on YouTube. Upload  best and relevant videos to your channels. Uploading videos in big number which are of low quality or provide little value will discourage users to stay on your channel to visit it again. Showcase the best of your business to the audience.
  • Don’t confuse between  videos targeted for consumers and businesses (B2C and B2B). Always be audience focused. Make sure you upload and place your videos logically. If you are running a recipe channel on YouTube it makes no sense to upload making of.. behind the scene videos right after uploading a delicious recipe    .
  • Don’t arrange videos in the order of popularity. Use YouTube channel as a marketing tool so use it and share content that is relevant for your business today. Your most popular video could be the one that you created and uploaded around two years back and it has lakhs of hits but, is it relevant today?
  • Do not arrange videos by recent uploaded as well. There is no need to order the channel according to recent content. The recent content that you have may be relevant to your website visitors but, totally irrelevant to YouTube visitors. Know the difference and give the audience what they want.
  • Keep the content and video up to date. If your channel is not updated regularly and the content is ages old, then people will not be interested in visiting or engaging with your channel and videos. When you consistently upload new and exciting content, viewers will tend to come back more often to check what is new.

Measure Results

YouTube provides its own insight and analytics data. Keep an eye on number of views, subscribers your channel is getting. You can check from where your visitors are coming, what they were searching for when they found your video. Track views, likes, subscribers and engagement.

YouTube attracts huge number of visitors everyday and has phenomenal amount of content. However typically YouTube brings lesser amount of visitors or traffic to websites. As no of people referred by YouTube is comparatively less use YouTube as a channel to engage with user instead of channel to bring visitors to your website. Don’t just host videos on YouTube, optimize each and every video so that they are discovered in conjunction to creating a well structured YouTube channel that can be navigated easily.

I believe YouTube is an awesome channel to promote your brand and connect with users hungry for relevant content and information. Are you connected with me on YouTube? Here is my YouTube channel to which you can Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/ashish963

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  1. Bilal 8 years ago

    Hi Ashish Kulkarni Bro,
    you guide very well with picture and it is very helpful for me.i learn how to build YouTube channel and little about Seo.Good work.keep up it.

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