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How to Boost Your Website Traffic With Social Media Marketing - Ashish Kulkarni

How to Boost Your Website Traffic With Social Media Marketing

You took all the trouble to put together an awesome website for your business. It is your primary channel to market your services and drive business. But, are you doing enough so that people can discover your website? Are you driving enough traffic? Lot of people are busy juggling with many roles in their business or organization. They either do not understand this or have no time to go through their analytics report. Social Media Marketing can boost traffic to your website. Here is how you can start with your efforts on Social Media Marketing and get benefited.

Learn how you can increase traffic to your website through Social Media Marketing tips and techniques.

Update all Social Media Profiles

This is primary requirement and easy to do which can drive traffic to your website. Do not forget to include website URL on all social media profiles that your business have. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. these websites have a ‘about us’ or ‘about me’ section where you can share your company website URL. Remember this is the easiest way to get visibility as these links are clickable on your social media profiles.

Monitor and Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Once the social media profiles are updated start proactive monitoring of social media channels. Start listening to prospects and customers and engage with them on social media platforms, this way customers (existing and potential) get pulled to your profile and the website.

Content is important, start posting and keep it relevant to your business niche. It should interest your prospective customers and drive their attention to your website. Listen to the customers; listen to recommendations and the tone of customer. Upon asking a query you can give the relevant URL of your website that answers their queries.

Blog – Meet and Engage

Engagement with customers is possible only when you have something to say every day. A blog will help you to maintain your website dynamic by providing new content. All your pages could remain static for months but blog is the only section in your website which can get updated every day. Start posting content that catches attention of prospects and customers. Share this content on your social media channels and increase engagement. More the engagement on your social channels, more visitors will come to visit your website and in this case chances are more that they will convert in to a customer.

Have videos and pictures on your blog that grabs your audience’s attention and hence they will spend longer time on your blog. When customers see that you have something amazing to say each day, they are sure to land on your website getting curious about it.

Advertising on Social Media Websites

As a push to the existing efforts, start to promote your product or services on social media channels through advertisements. This will pull relevant traffic to your website. When you use Facebook advertisement or a promoted Tweet, link the advertisement back to a dedicated landing page; this will help in generating leads and conversions. LinkedIn advertisements are also good option to advertise which will help in bringing targeted users to your website.

Twitter Chats, Google Hangouts

All that you did above will bring users to your website and help in increasing traffic to your website. What if you can bring in more traffic to your website and establish yourself as a thought leader in your business vertical? To do this you can think of starting a Twitter chat based on a hashtag or hosting a Google Hangout.

You can decide a time and let people know that you will be hosting a chat session on Twitter and will be addressing user queries in this chat. To participate in users can tweet using a particular hashtag, like for example if you want to ask me something you can ask it using hashtag #AskAshish. I always monitor this tag and answer user’s queries. Similarly you can host a Google Hangout session and interact with your users. This hangout later can be published on your YouTube channel which is another great piece of content which you can use further. These chats and hangouts allow you to build relations with your audience and drive people towards your business.

These are few ways of using Social Media Marketing to boost traffic to your website. Of course, there are many other ways. However, first priority should always be that your customer should see your website thus, be present there where your customers are.


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