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My name is Ashish Kulkarni and I would like to welcome you to my free Digital Marketing Course. I have custom tailored this course and have personally worked out on all content so that it will help you to understand digital marketing better. I will be with you for the next few weeks in your journey to learn internet marketing step by step. You will also learn how to earn using digital marketing.


It is exciting to have you as a member of this course and my website.

This is a practical training program that will teach you the different techniques that would be required to make a successful career in digital marketing. The best way to understand and implement what I teach you through these chapters is to follow all the steps with patience and not rush through any topic.

Program Design

I recommend that you should take your own time to research on the topics that are introduced to you. This program has been designed in a way that you should have a fair understanding of digital marketing and you will achieve the desired results if you implement all the steps and complete the course.

Program Modules

  • Understand – What is Digital Marketing? An Overview
  • Create – Your First Website or a Blog
  • Create – Creating Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Execute – Search Engine Optimization
  • Execute – Social Media Marketing
  • Execute – Email Marketing
  • Execute – Lead Generation
  • Execute – Paid Content Promotion
  • Measure – Web Analytics
  • Amplify – Content Marketing
  • Ear to the Ground – Online Reputation Management
  • Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money Online – Adsense & Blogging
  • Make Money Online – Freelancing Projects

My Mission

My mission is to enable 15,000 members with my knowledge of Digital Marketing and help them make a move to better career in digital marketing. You can invite your friends to this digital marketing course.

You will receive instructions in your email inbox. Please follow the program very closely. I will give enough time between so that you are able to follow the program easily and at your own pace. Chapters have intentionally been kept basic, so that your foundation is made strong to understand the advanced topics.

Very Important

Please follow the program step by step. DO NOT JUMP. You must carefully read and follow what we ask you to do. Do not rush through any chapter or skip any step that is taught to you. The program is designed in a certain manner so that you see results.

I look forward to our next session.

Ashish Kulkarni,
Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Blogger

© 2006-2017 Ashish Kulkarni

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