Official – Twitter Offers WordPress Plugin

Twitter has launched an official WordPress plugin. How does this plugin make your life easy as a user of WordPress? It combines many features which were made available to you through a third party app. For example it has the ability to embed a tweet, and it embeds videos uploaded directly to Twitter.

But, I was under the impression that WordPress already embeds tweets. Yes, that is right. So what is the difference of having this additional plugin? There is a difference; with this plugin you can now not only embed tweets but also customize them to match with the rest of the blog theme (design).

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How to Increase User Engagement with Post Reaction Buttons in WordPress

User engagement is a key to success for any blog or Website with regular content updates. Everyone wish to engage with visitors on website and see their blog getting popular. How can you achieve this? Solution is ‘Reaction Buttons’. Reaction Buttons allow visitors to leave feedback on your blog without commenting. This feedback is provided by just a click, weather you liked the article or not, if yes how much. In this tutorial you will learn to increase user interaction on your WordPress website using ‘Reaction Buttons’.

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Why You MUST Migrate from to WordPress.Org

What is the easiest way to start your blog? Answer is; Users create their blog on later to realize that it has many restrictions which are affecting their growth or they may not be able to make most out of their blog as their blog starts growing and getting popular. If you want to make most from your blog, you need to migrate it from to Here are 8 reasons why I vouch to do so.

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5 Myths Busted That Prevented You From Using WordPress

Today, WordPress is most commonly used Content Management System powering more than 20% of websites. This popularity does not mean that people know WordPress.  There are many myths about WordPress. Today I will try to throw some light on these misconceptions. This is going to help those who are reluctant to use WordPress.

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Managed WordPress Hosting – Why & When

When you start a WordPress powered website, you want your site to load (real) fast, you want people to stay on it and not leave in few seconds, it should attract as many visitors as possible and should be able to handle all of them efficiently without causing any technical glitches. Even under the heaviest of traffic your site should be up, it should be able to withstand all security threats and attacks. I believe these are your basic expectations from your website. For all the sweat and blood that you put through to create content and engage with your visitors, this is what is necessary, isn’t it?

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WordPress 4.1, All That You Wanted to Know

With the end of this year 2014 new WordPress 4.1 has many improved features for its users. All this comes packed with a brand new default theme for 2015. In this article I will discuss newly added features of WordPress 4.1

It is a major release from WordPress. As I always say, before you update your website; you got to take a backup.

What is New in WordPress 4.1? All That You Wanted to Know

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KLEO for BuddyPress Websites – WordPress Theme Review

While writing this blog post I am assuming that you know what WordPress and BuddyPress is and you wish to build a niche social networking website using a combination of WordPress and BuddyPress. If you are planning to develop a company website, member only website or a community website you no longer need to be a hard core designer and a developer, this awesome theme developed by Seventh Queen will help you to develop website that you thought of, this is KLEO from Seventh Queen.

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