Lead Generation – How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

How to Generate Leads using Social Media

Generating leads is made easier today through social media. It is an interesting tool to pull business leads. It is the best way to hunt, and engage targeted prospects. Around 85 percent of marketers have agreed that their business has been boosted due to social media after using it for three years or longer.

What is leads generation? It is collecting information about target audience and prospect which are then passed on to the sales team. There are different ways to collect leads through social media. I am sharing 6 ideas with you about generating leads through social media.

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How to Find Jobs Using Social Media Websites

Let’s explore various scenarios. You have completed your education and now looking for that big job or  your job sucks or there is no sign of that much awaited salary hike, well there can be many reasons for you  to search for a new and a better job. Finding a good job that matches your skill sets and expectations is becoming a challenge day by day, 500 applications for 5 vacancies is today’s scenario. That is why it is very important for you to have an edge over other applicants and send your resume to organizations before hundreds of other candidates send their resumes. This is where social media comes into picture and can help you in finding jobs before many other probable candidates.

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Official – Twitter Offers WordPress Plugin

Twitter has launched an official WordPress plugin. How does this plugin make your life easy as a user of WordPress? It combines many features which were made available to you through a third party app. For example it has the ability to embed a tweet, and it embeds videos uploaded directly to Twitter.

But, I was under the impression that WordPress already embeds tweets. Yes, that is right. So what is the difference of having this additional plugin? There is a difference; with this plugin you can now not only embed tweets but also customize them to match with the rest of the blog theme (design).

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