09 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners From Narendra Modi

09 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners From Narendra Modi

Starting a blog seems overwhelming at first, but it is one of the easiest ways to join the online community. But getting popularity is the main challenge faced by every blogger. Everyone wants to know the success mantra to catch the attention of the audience.

For this, let’s analyze the strategy chosen by the person who has made the whole world listen to him. He is none other than our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yes, Our PM has a successful strategy to grab audience attention and interest. Here are the 9 top blogging tips for beginners that you should learn from Modi which helps you succeed as a blogger.

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Digvijay Singh Hospitalized, Compares 700 Points Sensex Loss with Gujarat Riots

New Delhi: Congress leader Mr. Digvijay Singh went in to a trauma like situation when media stopped airing his comments on Gujarat chief minister Mr. Narendra Modi and started discussing unnecessary and unimportant issues like free fall of Rupee and its impact on Bombay Stock Exchange and overall economy. Internal sources confirmed that to grab media attention back, Mr. Digvijay Singh will come up with series of statements exposing Mr. Narendra Modi’s role in riots which took place 11 years ago in Gujarat.

If these statements fails to make an impact and bring media attention back to most critical issues faced by this country like Gujarat, Gujarat, Gujarat and Gujarat Mr. Digvijay Singh has planned to jump from 800 meters tall building to prove that under guidance of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and able leadership of Rahul Gandhi he can make a free fall stronger, quicker and faster than Stock Exchange which shaded out 700 points.

In a quick media interview Digvijay Singh said this free fall of Sensex is bad however Gujarat riots were worse than this sensex fall and Modi cannot hide his face behind this free fall. There cannot be a comparison between these two. When asked upon what is the comparison he is referring to Mr. Digvijay Singh said that this is not the time to discuss this as countries secularism is in danger.

This interview was not aired on television even after he finished his secular ‘green tea’ post interview. This gave a shock to Digvijay and he was hospitalized after a severe high BP attack.

P.S. : This is a news satire.