Just Enabled – Now You Can Enhance Your Fan Page with Cover Videos

Facebook Cover Video

I was browsing through my fan pages and all of a sudden one notice highlighted in blue box caught my attention. Facebook was telling me that now I can upload videos as fan page cover. No more static images as Facebook cover. That was pretty exciting.

I immediately jumped on to my another fan page and there too, same notice and same ability to upload video as cover. More excited now. I decided to upload a video but got an error, the error said the video has to be of at-least 20 seconds in duration and suggested width and height is 862 X 468 pixels. Damn!

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Lead Generation – How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

How to Generate Leads using Social Media

Generating leads is made easier today through social media. It is an interesting tool to pull business leads. It is the best way to hunt, and engage targeted prospects. Around 85 percent of marketers have agreed that their business has been boosted due to social media after using it for three years or longer.

What is leads generation? It is collecting information about target audience and prospect which are then passed on to the sales team. There are different ways to collect leads through social media. I am sharing 6 ideas with you about generating leads through social media.

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How to Save Your Sinking Facebook Page with Content Marketing

Content Marketing is here to save your Facebook page

Content Marketing is here to save your Facebook page

Facebook is controlling promotional content that brands post excessively, since a year now. Facebook is trying to keep a watch and restrict the posts that push FB users to enter contests. They will be included under the umbrella of practices worth penalizing.

Facebook pages that blatantly ask for likes and comments or have spammy strategies to market their brand won’t be considered worth excusing. Using FB for business is getting tougher day by day. The only hope for your doomed FB page is to create impeccable, top quality content for marketing. Your content should be such that it should attract users due to its quality.

How do you rock your FB page with attractive content and content marketing strategies? This is how you can do it:

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How to Find Jobs Using Social Media Websites

Let’s explore various scenarios. You have completed your education and now looking for that big job or  your job sucks or there is no sign of that much awaited salary hike, well there can be many reasons for you  to search for a new and a better job. Finding a good job that matches your skill sets and expectations is becoming a challenge day by day, 500 applications for 5 vacancies is today’s scenario. That is why it is very important for you to have an edge over other applicants and send your resume to organizations before hundreds of other candidates send their resumes. This is where social media comes into picture and can help you in finding jobs before many other probable candidates.

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Use Native Facebook Videos to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

Here is Why You Should Start Uploading Videos to Facebook

I have this crazy habit of sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. Each day on my timeline at least one post is a video from YouTube or Vimeo. But, I have noticed lately YouTube clips shared on Facebook are not doing well. They have been substituted by Facebook pages’ videos; that is videos which are directly uploaded on Facebook.

Use Native Facebook Videos to Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts as uploading a video on YouTube then sharing it on Facebook is not working well. Native videos are doing better on Facebook.

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for Networking

5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups for NetworkingI have so much to catch on Facebook; I don’t get enough time to make most of the friend network that I have built and developed on this social networking site, which is a rage today. Facebook is powerhouse of innovation. It keeps its users on toes; it adds new features, even before the users get habituated to last released. Have you tried the Facebook Groups app? you should certainly. Facebook Group is the best way to develop a network that can benefit you in several ways. Stay connected, engage and build a lasting relationship using Facebook groups.

The special part of being in a group or owning one is that people with common interest come together to share updates, discuss, comment, share links and photos etc.

How can you build your network using Facebook groups? 5 Ways of Building Your Network Using Facebook Groups explained.

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How to Win Facebook Photo Contests?

Brands use photo competitions on social media platform like Facebook as they are a great way to increase participation of fans to increase engagement and interaction. Sharing with you some of the tips which can help you win a typical Facebook photo contests which requires user to secure highest no of votes to win the competition.

I hope these tips will help you in gaining a winning edge over other competitors and win nice prizes.

How To Get Votes / Likes for Facebook Photo in a Competition?

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Facebook Affect Your Personal Life & Relationships?

Facebook - Personal Life and RelationshipsBeing in digital marketing I use Facebook extensively and interact with many Facebook users frequently. I am not saying social media users but restricting myself to Facebook users only as the amount of time users spend on Facebook is more than any other site they spend on. I was wondering if increased use of Facebook is taking toll on personal and professional life. Is Facebook having adverse effect on relationships? Is Facebook connecting us with each other or it is more disconnecting people from each other? To find this I decided to speak with Facebook users.

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