Solved: Magento Installation Error – Internal Server Error

Solved: Magento Installation Error – Internal Server Error

I was trying to install Magento on my localhost and while doing I faced an error, a not so welcoming web page that said – Internal Server Error.

Of course, I was not happy, this is not the page that I would ever like to see when I am starting something new. I decided to solve this problem (had no other choice too) and solved it. Below I am sharing steps to solve Internal Server Error during installation of Magento on localhost.

Status: Solved, able to install Magento

I suggest checking the video that I recorded for step by step detailed instructions.

Start with PHP.ini file

Open php.ini file and look for ‘max_execution_time’ and ‘max_input_time’, change values for both to 1500.

Do not forget to enable curl extension.

Edit httpd.conf file

Open httpd.conf file and look for ‘LoadModule version_module modules/’. Look for # at the beginning and remove it. Removing # will uncomment this line.

Restart WAMP server

Restart wamp server, wait for W icon to turn green again.

Try installation again

Now, try to access the Magento directory again and SUCCESS!!

Magento Installation - Success

Magento Installation – Success


This solved my issue and I was able to access Magento and install it. I hope this will help you too.


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