ORM – Online Reputation Management

Look great when customers, future employers, your clients or even your next date Google you.

A bad or negative comment about your brand or business in newspaper can go off as fish wrap on the next day but in online space it never dies. Online image or online reputation could mean a difference between success and failure for your business or your individual profile. Your potential customers are online; they are seeking for services that you are offering. You are looking for clients while there are real people outside who are searching for service providers with your skill sets. Who will gap this bridge? Answer is internet. Are you visible to your potential clients with positive reviews and ratings?

Customers are talking about your brand online, they are writing positive posts or reviews which can help your business grow, they are posting negative things that have a potential to damage your business. Are you monitoring and listening to your customers? Are you tracking you brand online?

Online Reputation Management is the process of continuously monitoring your brand for online sentiments, content, mentions, social media mentions and discussion forums in your favour that can promote your brand or business. ORM helps in neutralizing negative impressions and amplifying positive experiences that leads to positive brand recall. Yes, it is true that these efforts do take time.

Are you or your businesses is victim of outdated information on digital space, unfair or false comments, or mal practices by your competition? I will like to help you by engaging in to ORM activities for you or your brand.

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