Google Analytics Consulting

How confident are you about the data you see in your Google Analytics dashboard is correct?

Are you starving for accurate analysis that yields results?

I am a Google and Adobe certified analytics consultant. I will help you to

  • Transform Data Into Actionable Insights
  • Keep Your Google Analytics Implementation up to Date
  • Prove Digital Return on Investment

You agree that you need analytics for your business, but do you know where do you start from? My Google Analytics consulting is aimed to equip you with meaningful data that you can use to make informed decisions. Every business has a unique requirement and I factor in that when I propose anything for you. I keep in mind your business goals and key performance indicators that will help you in your marketing decisions. If you plan to invest in analytics (which you must) ensure that you have a right consultant in your team who can help and produce the right information and impact you need.

Here is a quick list of Google Analytics services that I offer:

  1. Universal Analytics account
  2. Goal conversion tracking
  3. Ecommerce tracking
  4. Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  5. Cross domain tracking
  6. Event tracking
  7. Campaign tracking
  8. Phone Call tracking
  9. YouTube Video Tracking
  10. Scroll Tracking
  11. Newsletter/email tracking
  12. Custom reports
  13. Custom dashboards
  14. Custom metrics
  15. Custom dimensions
  16. Content groups
  17. Custom Cost data
  18. Advanced segments
  19. Integrating Google Ads (Adwords) to Google Analytics
  20. Integrating Google Webmaster tools to Google Analytics
  21. Debugging/troubleshooting Universal Analytics issues

For more information please contact me.

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