Just Enabled – Now You Can Enhance Your Fan Page with Cover Videos

Facebook Cover Video

I was browsing through my fan pages and all of a sudden one notice highlighted in blue box caught my attention. Facebook was telling me that now I can upload videos as fan page cover. No more static images as Facebook cover. That was pretty exciting.

I immediately jumped on to my another fan page and there too, same notice and same ability to upload video as cover. More excited now. I decided to upload a video but got an error, the error said the video has to be of at-least 20 seconds in duration and suggested width and height is 862 X 468 pixels. Damn!

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Lead Generation – How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

How to Generate Leads using Social Media

Generating leads is made easier today through social media. It is an interesting tool to pull business leads. It is the best way to hunt, and engage targeted prospects. Around 85 percent of marketers have agreed that their business has been boosted due to social media after using it for three years or longer.

What is leads generation? It is collecting information about target audience and prospect which are then passed on to the sales team. There are different ways to collect leads through social media. I am sharing 6 ideas with you about generating leads through social media.

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How to Save Your Sinking Facebook Page with Content Marketing

Content Marketing is here to save your Facebook page

Content Marketing is here to save your Facebook page

Facebook is controlling promotional content that brands post excessively, since a year now. Facebook is trying to keep a watch and restrict the posts that push FB users to enter contests. They will be included under the umbrella of practices worth penalizing.

Facebook pages that blatantly ask for likes and comments or have spammy strategies to market their brand won’t be considered worth excusing. Using FB for business is getting tougher day by day. The only hope for your doomed FB page is to create impeccable, top quality content for marketing. Your content should be such that it should attract users due to its quality.

How do you rock your FB page with attractive content and content marketing strategies? This is how you can do it:

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How to Use Google Hangouts on Air (Effectively) For Your Business

Google Hangouts for Business Promotion

Google Hangouts provide marketers with a great opportunity to grab the attention of their customers, build brand imagery, engage with their social media audience and also connect with influential people in their field.

I have conducted Google Hangout sessions for multiple clients and have learned how to achieve above mentioned goals! (Exclamation mark). I am sharing some of tips which can help you to use Google Hangout for effective promotion of your business online. 

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Proven Tips – How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

Social Media as a tool to generate leads has made lead generation a better prospect. It is an interesting tool to pull business leads. It is the best way to hunt, and engage with prospects. Around 85 percent of marketers with more than three years of working experience have agreed that social media has played a vital role in lead generation and boosting their business. I agree to this as well.

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International Days to Celebrate For Social Media Marketers

As a social media marketeer you come across many clients for whom you have to run different campaigns and keep the conversation alive on their social media channels. In this post I am sharing with you some international days which every social media marketer should be aware of so that he can plan his or her activity on social media channels well in advance.

The list could blow up really out of proportion if I add all international days celebrated here in this list. Sharing few important ones.

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Making most of YouTube – Building Your Own YouTube Channel in the Right Way

YouTube is a humongous success and it became the second largest search engine in 2014. You will be awed that 6 billion hours of video is being viewed every month and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. So it is a medium that you surely cannot ignore. It is proved that videos are a hugely accepted medium for infotainment on the web. As a result of video marketing drive the engagement, and sales lead is high.

Hosting videos on your website is a great idea but, if you put your video on YouTube, it is the most effective media to get your content noticed. Creating a YouTube channel is essential to put all your content in one place so that people can browse and engage with your videos. Having a YouTube channel will attract a lot of viewers towards you and your business. It is like a micro-website; a website within a website. So the rules that apply for your website to attract and retain audience attention are true for YouTube too.

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Let it Go Out – Top Websites for Online Confessions and Real Life Stories

Confessions, something that makes you vent out your mind, psychologist have proved that confessing decreases your stress levels. People confess, that is they tell something that they preferred to keep secret and to themselves only. Traditionally people confess in Churches, Temples and other religious places. People confess their mind, they share secrets and their life stories with family members, friends and sometimes even with strangers. What is happening in this era of digital? Everyone is going online, people are going online to pay their rent, bills or even make donations. This trend is making people go online to confess, yes, people are going online and sharing their confessions, secrets and real life stories. There is no need of going to church to relieve yourself from the guilt, now you can do it online with just one click and that too anonymously, without disclosing your identity.

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How to Find Jobs Using Social Media Websites

Let’s explore various scenarios. You have completed your education and now looking for that big job or  your job sucks or there is no sign of that much awaited salary hike, well there can be many reasons for you  to search for a new and a better job. Finding a good job that matches your skill sets and expectations is becoming a challenge day by day, 500 applications for 5 vacancies is today’s scenario. That is why it is very important for you to have an edge over other applicants and send your resume to organizations before hundreds of other candidates send their resumes. This is where social media comes into picture and can help you in finding jobs before many other probable candidates.

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Top Websites for Free eBook Downloads

Thousands of people look for free ebooks to download every day. I aim to provide you with a few names that can help you in your search for Indian websites that offer free eBooks to download.


If you are looking for good quality free ebooks, BookChums is amongst the best sites to visit. BookChums is a portal for book lovers to connect. It also offers ebooks for free download. BookChums is the fastest and the easiest site to download eBooks for free. The free eBooks within the site have been collected from Project Gutenberg and other sites on the internet. It lists more than 6,000 titles for free download.

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