This is How You can Revitalize Your Brand

Branding is the most powerful tool in today’s market of intense competition. The only way you can build a market and differentiate yourself from competitors is certainly through branding or brand building exercises. It is your exclusivity that is showcased through branding. You might not be consistent in your brand building activities, keep in mind this can hurt your business in many ways. If you have stopped your brand building activities or campaigns some days back, it is time that you start them again. Don’t worry about gap in brand building activities; you can get back on your feet, pull up your socks and start again.

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Models… Why You Must Host Your Portfolio Online

So you’re a model and you have been wondering why post your modeling portfolio online when you can have it personally sent to professionals who may demand it, there are many reasons why you should be getting online. There are many benefits of hosting your online modeling portfolio.

Taking your portfolio online is soon picking up as a trend for models who are wanting to grow and/or diversify in their field of expertise, hence many sites are seeing a lot of internet traffic from photographers and other modeling industry professionals who are looking to network with budding talent and new faces.

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Google for your Real Estate Business – Must Have Google Products For Better Internet Marketing

You are into business of real estate marketing and hence it is obvious that your aim is to reach to as many people as possible looking for properties available with you either for sale or rent. For any owner of a real estate business; the consumer psychographic and geographic segmentation plays an important role.

We have seen the collapse of the housing market, huge population of millennials are renting than buying. In an uncertain economy and sluggish market most have found it difficult to get a steady job. In such scenario they are reluctant to take credit/loan in this market. Thus, the real estate agents should find innovative strategies to reach the shy millennials.

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Email Fraud – Fake Job Offers Over Email

Indian Email FraudMost of us are now aware what is a Nigerian email fraud, you get an email saying you have won ‘xyz’ amount of dollars in lottery, please deposit ‘abc’ dollars in our account no … as a processing fees so that we could transfer the winning amount. I got an email in my inbox quite similar to this but it wasn’t the lottery that I won but I was offered a very lucrative and high paying job in one of the top company.

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Tips for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to Enhance Online Reputation

People visit search engines for innumerable reasons, they are hungry for content and information. If you want your business to flourish a well managed presence on digital space is mandatory. It is as inevitable as having good relationship with your clients. In fact, your website could become platform for creating relationships with your target customers, as your customers are trying to search for services you provide over the internet. Searches related to ‘real estate’ are at an all-time high, are you equipped to make most out of this?

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Confessing Made Easy – Rolls Out Revamped Website

7th May 2015, For Immediate Release

Pune, India: Online confessions website unveils revamped English language website, #YIC now has a new look. The recent revamp is part of the organization’s plan to totally rebrand, restructure and redesign its online portal, to make it easier for users to navigate and use website on computer, tablets and mobile devices. popular over social media with hashtag #YIC is an online confession portal where people across the globe make confessions. Users can share their confessions and real life stories, comment and up or down vote these stories. Since its launch #YIC has received close to a million (10,00,000) views and have offered a new and better way to share real life stories.

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Boost Your Business – Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Website

The top most priority of a real estate agent and real estate broker is to build a strong relationship with clients. Clients are looking up to you for some sensible, realistic advice. They are looking for options and want to know what best choice they can make with your assistance? Once you start giving the necessary assistance, this leads to building a trust relationship developing a comfort level in doing business with you in future. Your website is launch-pad of this relationship building.

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Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts with Customer Success Stories

Content can attract customers, help to build your brand and attract leads. Here I focus on a content marketing idea that has worked wonders for industry giants like Google, Coca Cola, IBM etc. Businesses that are dependent on digital presence are always under huge pressure to create content that leads to sales. Today, lot of companies are consistently creating and investing time to creatively use social media and online presence to realize their business goals. The way we do business has changed due to ‘online world’ whose integral part is content.

Learn how customer success stories or customer testimonials can boost your internet marketing, content marketing efforts.

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What to do When Your Nude Photos Surfaces Online?

I’m in my very early twenties. I made some horrific decisions in my late teens to send guys naked photos of myself. Yes, completely naked. Yes, including my face. While none of them have leaked as far as I know, I’ve been extremely anxious about the possibility that they one day will. I pray every day for it not to happen. I was young, stupid, and insecure. I’m going into a field where, if I’m successful, I’ll be in the public eye, where I’ll be well-known to some degree. What should I do?

Hundreds of nude, semi-nude, and revealing pictures of female celebrities were leaked after being stolen from their private collections when some hacker breached security and accessed the photos stored over cloud platform. What if something like this happens to you?

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