5 Myths Busted That Prevented You From Using WordPress

Today, WordPress is most commonly used Content Management System powering more than 20% of websites. This popularity does not mean that people know WordPress.  There are many myths about WordPress. Today I will try to throw some light on these misconceptions. This is going to help those who are reluctant to use WordPress.

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Myth: WordPress is Only for Blogging

Fact: True that WP was launched as a blogging platform but it has definitely evolved adding more and more features. In easy terms, it’s a web software that helps user to create any kind of website. Out of 6 websites created on internet one is built on the WP platform. Not all of them are blogs though. A wide range of websites are built on WP like eCommerce, online news and magazines, government and non-government websites. Don’t get surprised, WP remains a top priority for even Fortune 500 companies.

Myth: WordPress is Not a Secure Platform

Fact: One of the reasons for the popularity of WP is that it is a secure platform. It is an open source platform and hence its source code is available for anyone to read and find security loopholes. As it is open source its security can be strengthened further. And if you are afraid of Malware and DDOS attacks then any website is susceptible to them, not just WordPress powered websites. Use strong passwords follow security practices and you can secure your WP site. So why worry? Even if you feel fearful of these attacks you can use specialized security plugins like Sucuri that monitors your website for security threats.

Myth: You Cannot Build an eCommerce Websites on WordPress

Fact: WP doesn’t provide the option of shopping cart or payment gateways. But, it’s a myth that you cannot build eCommerce website on WP. In fact WP has plugins that let you create one. Selling physical goods or digital downloads; everything can be done on WP by using WordPress plugins like WooCommerce or MarketPress.

Myth: Free Hence Low Quality

Fact: WP is not created by an individual. It is developed by community of people and thousands and lakhs of small and large scale businesses use it. The code can be read and studied by anyone. The code is strong, established, easy to understand for developers, open source and totally free. No doubt WP is popular and superior when compared to any other CMS software in the crazily complex internet world. WP is used by mega brands like Narendra Modi, Prime Minister’s Office – India, FirstPost, Microsoft, etc.

Myth: WordPress Is Not Good For Sites with Heavy Traffic

WP is powering some of the very popular websites on internet like FirstPost.com, FakingNews.com, TechChrunch.com, CNN etc. Your WP website on a good host can manage millions of visitors every month.

This shall clear misconceptions about WordPress; if you still have any questions or doubt about WordPress feel free and write to me in comments below. Share this article and let all your friends know how great WordPress is as a platform to host your website.


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